We have over 3,000 clients paying to be Members...
and we've had 6 record years in a row. 
This works!"
Leslie Bourdreau, RVT, CVPM-Hospital Administrator 
Animal Hospital of Huntington Beach
End Discounting with a more systematic and proven approach
7 Years Experience and Over $30 million in Membership Revenue Generated to
our User Practices!
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Don't Settle For A 
"Fee For Service" Client Relationship! 
Paid Membership
 Is The Next Level! 
  • Put Your Practice Far In Front of Competitors and Disempower Their Marketing
  • Preserve Your Price Points And End Discounting By Replacing Them With Member Rewards Which Secures Future Visitation and Is Immediately More Profitable
  • Convert Occasional Visitors into Long-Term Loyal Members and Never Fear Losing Clients Again!
We now have over 5,000 members of our practice and have successfully replaced all discounting with Rewards. Once I saw the math of rewards vs discounts.. it was very easy to see this was a solution for us and we haven't regretted it in 6 years!! 
Debbie Anderson, Owner, 
Otay Pet Vets, Chula Vista California

5 Reasons Every Practice Needs A Proven Loyalty Program ASAP
  • Membership = Value and Commitment from consumers...paid membership is the highest level of loyalty
  • Discounting Replacement: Discounts are a 100% immediately and lower value perception. It's much smarter to address price with rewards instead. Rewards have 50% redemption in the first year (people save them), and maximum 70% long term. They also GUARANTEE future visits in order to be redeemed. This is an immediate increase of 30% to 50% compared to all discounts. It's a no brainer and mathematically proven to be more effective and more importantly more profitable
  • Retention: We've been on a great run economically but it can't last forever. This is the crucial moment where a loyalty program must shine and not all programs are created equal. 7 years experience... we'll show you how to make your practice recession proof
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